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Who We Are

The Tulare Church 

How can a church reach out to the diversity of a dynamic place like Tulare County?  We try.  On Sunday morning you will find folks from all ages, every economic status, races, and ethnic groups, loving each other and together praising the God who saved them by His wonderful grace.  

We are a lively, active, and loving church, constantly reaching out to welcome others.

We are people just like you.  We have jobs, families, and budgets.  We have the same problems and struggles in life.  But, we have found a wonderful answer to most of life's problems in the word of God.

Consequently, we hold the word of God as our only authority.  The organization of the church, the worship, and the teaching are all the same as recorded on the pages of the Bible.  We are not limited by the man-made rules or any denomination.  No one is ever asked to do or believe anything except what he/she finds in the word of God.

This is a refreshing approach.  It is beautifully simple and simply beautiful.  We attempt to always speak clearly where the Bible speaks--and at the same time remain silent where the Bible is silent

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