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How To Live Gratefully

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Over the years, many of us have read articles and heard sermons that talk about Thanksgiving. And we have all heard or read of the real stories behind Thanksgiving. Deeper than the mere story of Thanksgiving is the idea. Are we truly grateful for what has been given to us?

Most of us would agree we do not deserve anything, yet, we have a father in Heaven who gives without measure. We have things in this life those who came before us only dreamed. We can connect with family from thousands of miles away. We have abundant food sources and well-managed water storage. We have countless luxuries others would have killed to have. Yet, somehow we don't seem to truly appreciate it.

Those who live in third-world countries have a much different perspective. Many of them don't eat every night, work for low wages, and live in shacks. They are often more grateful than we have ever been. It would seem like we have been given everything and every opportunity. The more I think about this subject, the more I am inclined to believe that what could look like a blessing from God could also be a tool for the enemy. A tool to distract us from the real problem. A tool to keep us from being grateful and selfless.

Being More Grateful

Gratitude is gained through perspective. We should challenge ourselves to be more grateful for what we have and less envious of what we don't. As a trial, it's all about our perspective. Do we look for what we can learn, or do we let it consume us?

We live with lots of blessings, but we cannot afford to live in a place of ingratitude. As fast as it is given, it can be taken away. Be grateful for what you have, thank God for blessing you, and bless others when you have the opportunity.

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