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The Problem with New Resolutions

Most of us are preparing too or already have begun making lifestyle changes for the new year. While we make plans for better fitness, eating, and lifestyle. We should also be making changes in our spiritual lives. When we prepare for these things, we do so intentionally. Being better physically requires us to take a close look and make the changes necessary to accomplish our vision. Spiritually is no different.

Spiritual disciplines are just as helpful as physical ones. Praying, giving, and reading promotes growth and pushes us to maturity. However, we do not reach maturity without growing, and we do not grow without intentionality.

How To Become Intentional

Most people do not like change. The older we are, the more settled we are in our routines. This makes change challenging and seemingly impossible. Becoming intentional about improving our weaknesses takes time. If we are going to influence change, then we need to give ourselves time to do it. No one goes to the gym for two days and expects to see drastic results neither should we expect the same with our faith.

What helps drastic change is consistency and commitment. Both of these require us to stick with it. We need to consistently practice the things that cause us to change, and we need to commit to them. Our shortsighted nature often causes us to fall short of what we set out to do. This is why in the next week, you will struggle to maintain your new goals. But if we look further into the future to see what it looks like, we will take new steps each day without being discouraged by the slow progress.


As you set new physical goals for the year, set your spiritual ones too. Perhaps in the last year, you have not been as intentional about reading your Bible. Read a little every day, just 2-3 verses from the same book. Maybe you don't pray as you should. Set a reminder on your phone to pray for a few minutes throughout the day. Do these things every day, and you will see changes over time. Remember, growth and maturity don't come overnight, but with time, consistency, and experience. We need to be patient with ourselves and give ourselves time to grow.

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