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Why Join Life Groups?

As many of you already know, we will be starting Life Groups in January of 2022. We have enlisted the help of our leaders (elders/ministers/deacons) to get this going because we believe it will benefit every member of our congregation.

It is easy to come to church on Sunday morning, slip into the back pew, and then escape without ever talking to anyone. Life Groups allow us to build authentic relationships with those in the body of Christ in comfortable thriving environments, both spiritually and relationally.

We encourage you to be a part of a Life Group as we strive to grow in our relationships with each other and with Jesus. Below is a short description of how Life Groups work. This basic design is a template for what will happen in each group but is not limited to these things.

How To Join

Each member will be put with a group around the same age. The point is to place people with those in the same stage of life and encourage them to do life together.

Members: Your group leader will contact you in the next few weeks and encourage you to join them. Say YES! You won't want to miss out on this opportunity!

If you are not a member of our church, you can go to and submit a request to join one of our local groups! Or send us a text for more information on meeting times/places and age groups - (559) 234-4883 -

The first meeting will be sometime in the first weeks of January. There, the group leader will discuss the contents of the sermon (I John). We will also be providing some light foods. Please feel free to bring something small to share with everyone in your group. Each participant will be provided a worksheet containing the text and questions about interpretation, observation, and application. We encourage you to bring your bible, take notes, and ask questions! The first gathering may also include a discussion about when is best for everyone to meet together (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday Night).

Group Leaders:

Young Marrieds, Families, & Teens - Nick Westberg/ Ira Porchia

Singles (College+) - Rusty Bolton/ Larry Mapes

Empty Nesters - Wayne Clark/ Jerry Sisemore

Older Marrieds & Singles (70+) - Joel Coppinger/ Richard Brogan (Building Group)

Group Goals:

We have three key areas we are seeking to grow in. These are important for individual and collective growth. We want each person to build a relationship with one another, with Jesus, and understand God's word.

#1 Grow in our knowledge of God's word

#2 Grow in our relationship with Jesus

#3 Grow in our relationships with each other.

Comfortable, Non-Threatening Environments

Groups benefit both insiders and outsiders. Our goal is to make outsiders insiders who bring more outsiders. For insiders, this is a way to really get to know those you sit next to in the pew. For outsiders, this provides a casual, non-threatening environment to build relationships and learn more about Jesus.

We hope you have found this insightful and exciting! We pray God will bless this effort to help his body grow closer together.

If you have any questions about our groups, please reach out via email, text, or website.

We will list each outlet below for your convenience!

Text: 559-234-4883

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