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What To Expect When You Arrive... 

Park wherever you want! 


At the entrance you'll be greeted by someone on our guest relations team!


Inside you'll find a group of people who love you and love Jesus! You are welcome to sit wherever you want! 

In Worship...
1. Singing 
2. Prayer  

As a part of our worship toward God we believe coming together in song is an essential part of praise to God. Sing if you want to! 

Nothing changes with out prayer. We believe prayer to be powerful asset to fighting against the enemy. But nothing is more power and than a unified people petitioning God!

3. A Message 

The message on Sunday mornings is solely developed and based on principles and concepts found in scripture. We believe the Bible to be the word of God and we believe the word of God is profitable for every facet of life. (2 Timothy 3:16-17) 

5. Fellowship 
4. Communion

Communion is a time we set aside each week to remember the sacrifice of King Jesus, the bread and the fruit of the vine, the body and the blood shed for our sins. And His pledge to return for those of us who love Him. 

No is a stranger. Fellowship, involvement in each others lives is essential to staying faithful to Jesus in this journey we call life. Here at Tulare we believe this a must, a non-negotiable. We are all in this together! 

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500 N Black Stone Street

Tulare, CA, 93274


Gathering Times


9:00 am - Coffee

9:30 - Bible Class

10:30 - Worship 



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